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— Jon, Swindon

"Laura is remarkable. I came to her for help with helping me to quit smoking. She's not only helped with that but also leaves you with such a more positive feeling about life. Couldn't recommend Laura enough."

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" Are you ready to make changes? I am here to help you!"

Do you want to make some changes? If so, let's work together to achieve your goals, and find the happiest, most positive version of you. Commitment, dedication and that first step is all it takes. I'd love to help you, and here is a summary of why I feel so passionate about it...

As a child, I was extremely shy, anxious and lacked confidence. This continued through my teen years, and into my adult life, in fact I believed that was 'just the way I was'. I actually suffered with anxiety and depression.
I tried other approaches, a mixture of therapies and medications that for me didn't make the difference I desired. It was by luck that I found hypnotherapy, originally going to a consultation for my 4 year old sons selective eating disorder.
When I attended the initial consultation I truly understood what was holding me back, and exactly why I felt the way I did. For the first time ever, I knew with the help of my hypnotherapist I would become the happy and confident person I wanted to be. 

It is because of my own experiences of mental and physical health issues, and overcoming them I believe that absolutely anyone has the ability to build the positive future they want. I understand how it can feel to doubt things can change and get better, but I did it, and you can too!


I used Hypnotherapy to change my life, and it became my passion to help others to do the same, so I trained and qualified as a solution focused hypnotherapist at the highly prestigious Clifton Hypnotherapy Practice.

I have always found happiness and joy in helping others and seeing other people  achieve and grow. For me, being a solution focused hypnotherapist does not feel like work - it is an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to work with every single client that comes to me, and see them thrive.

If there's even the smallest bit inside you that wants to change and build yourself a more positive future, take that step and together let's get you on your path to a happier you!

- Laura -


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