Thank you for subscribing!

You have secured a place on my flexible 12 month subscription plan, I am so excited that more and more people are recognising the need to prioritise their mindset and mental health, after all it really does determine what we can or cannot believe, or achieve.

This is why I felt a subscription package was such an important service for me to offer clients.
Our brains are complex organs, and although not a muscle it must be exercised like one to keep it healthy, but we also need to recognise the importance of relaxing it to build up the energy to exercise it - and feed it with positive thoughts and self-belief, this is easier said than achieved. People maintain this balance and invest in themselves physically with personal trainers, gym memberships, eating healthy, and taking rest periods. We do not go to the gym, and eat healthy for one month and expect the balance and results to maintain for a life time. It takes consistency, and balance so I felt it was important to offer a service, an affordable membership as such to maintain all the hard work you have already put into your mindset and goals you have achieved.
By now you will have already learned the tools, seen the benefits and made progress so it is probably not necessary that you have as many regular sessions, but this program is flexible so that if anything does happen in life and you find that your stress levels rise, and your mind needs a bit more nurturing you can take the sessions when required. As a subscriber you have priority to book your sessions in advance of when my booking window would usually open, and the flexibility to amend those dates (I just ask that you give me as much notice as possible, with at least 48 hours)
 I am so happy to be able to provide a service that is much more flexible to your needs and financial circumstances. Thank you for committing to working together, in return I will proudly be your hypnotherapist, goal accountability, support, cheerleader, and a reminder to keep looking after yourself for the next 12 months! 

You can book your sessions way ahead, a week ahead, one at a time, or schedule a number of them in advance. When you do want to book a session/sessions please send a message to 07510652217 with the weeks you would like to book, a rough idea of your availability and I will get back to you to confirm available times asap. 

Any questions, or queries please email to laura@hypnotherapywithlaura,com

See you soon,