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The power of visualisation is HUGE! How we visualise our future has an enormous impact on how our body responds, both mentally and physically.

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Focusing on how we want things to be...rather than how we don't want them to be, is essential to personal growth. Our mindset is our ultimate weapon against any challenges! If we can stay in a positive mindset no matter what life throws at us - its then that we can find our way around, through or over difficult times instead of becoming overwhelmed, low and unmotivated.

THIS FOLLOWING EXERCISE IS JUST A COUPLE OF MINUTES LONG AND DEMONSTRATES THE POWER OF VISUALISATION... What you need: Somewhere quiet and comfortable to sit or lie down 2 minutes to close your your eyes and listen

Most people will find that their mouths watered more. This simple short exercise demonstrates that our minds simply do not know the difference between imagination and reality. What we feed our mind, our mind believes... if we feed it lemons, it responds accordingly... If we feed it with feelings of self-doubt, worry, stress etc.... it will respond with symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, anger etc.... ...If we feed it with feelings of success, peace, confidence and motivation etc. it will respond in a calm, relaxed and confident manner...

...If we tell it 'we cant' we can't, if we tell it we can, we can... VERY POWERFUL

HOW CAN THIS HELP ME? Knowing this can help everybody! If we learn to train our brains to work and process more positively and efficiently our lives are going to be more positive in general every day life. It can also have a tremendous effect for people in sports, pregnancy, giving birth, and overcoming fears and phobias. - All situations where we want our mind and body to act with it's very highest potential and remain focused, calm and in control, producing all the right chemicals, at the right times for the best possible outcomes! HOW DOES HYPNOTHERAPY HELP? Hypnotherapy and hypnosis accesses the parts of the brain, where the changes take place - The subconscious mind, through inducing a natural state of deep relaxation. This helps in the rewiring of the brain, undoing negative behaviours, beliefs and thinking habits and creating new positive patterns of behaviour, productive ways of thinking, and good habits. To find out in more detail how the brain works, and how hypnotherapy will help you, please book a free consultation through my contact page.


Laura x

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